Group backpacking is the new backpacking!

I started BackpackingTribe about a week ago, and it’s taking off! BackpackingTribe is a platform where backpackers can join a group, a.k.a. tribe, to travel from hostel to hostel together. This way, you don’t get the superficial stuff anymore when traveling and going to new hostels every 3 days; instead, you are able to form deeper and lasting relationships!

How it started

I started by talking about the idea in Facebook groups. It got quite some attention, even though most people aren’t even backpacking now with corona! …


The problem I am trying to solve is very simple: to be productive in a holiday environment. In Tarifa, the majority of people I interacted with the first week of being here were tourists that came here for a few days or a week to take a few kite-lessons and party. It’s great to hang out with these people, but not very stimulating for your work, especially if you live with them under the same roof. Hey Wijnand, let’s go party tonight. Hey Wijnand, why don’t you come to the beach with us! Hey Wijnand, shall we go and get…

For about 8 months now, I’ve worked for a software company that’s building a React Native App for a client. My role is to program features and fix bugs in React Native. After a while, I started thinking more and more about the whole picture of their project and noticed many things (some irreversible) that I would have a done differently from the start. The biggest problem with the app now is complexity and messiness, but there are some other important things I think can be improved. Here is a summary.

Too much complexity, too early (19x)

Programming the app began ±1.5 years ago, and the…

After my 6 months’ journey through south-east Asia and Nepal, one thing stuck with me: communication is everything. And communication is not always optimal. In the backpacker's scene, you get most of your information by talking to fellow backpackers in a random fashion. It’s great, though not always optimal. When talking to locals, there is often a huge language barrier. Once in Vietnam, I felt so happy I could use Google translate to communicate with a technician about my broken scooter. Software really helps.

After a couple of months traveling I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Make something…

A developers guide to earn money with your app

In 2007, I created a mafia-game (Using PHP, HTML, and MySQL, mostly). In 2017 I re-created the game using React Native, GraphQL and SQL. After 4 months of hard work, it was ready to play. However, I didn’t have any way to monetise it yet. This is, however, vital if you want to create a sustainable project! As a DevPreneur, you need a way to get Return on Investment (ROI). …

If a company wants to make an app, they usually hire an UI/UX designer, some front-end developers, and a backend developer. Most of the times, they need 3 people for front-end: one for the web, one for Android, and one for iOS. That’s already 5 people that have to work together. To make that work, you’ll need someone that oversees all of it, because otherwise it will become a mess. Now you need 6 people. Welcome to the average startup.

There is also a trend which is making more and more powerful tools for devs. When the first smartphones arrived…

The idea is to launch an app in a decentralised way to achieve infinite scalability without any bottlenecks. This is possible if your users only require a certain chunk of the database, for example if you have an app that creates closed networks for users in a location-based fashion. When I tried to build Communify, this was the case. This will be my second step of scaling.

A decentralised system that automatically pulls, builds, and restarts pm2 on multiple servers that are completely independent from each other. Every sever can be created using a docker image on Linode with automatic commands using the api of Linode and some bash scripts. Every single server is automatically up-to-date with the git repo (possibly on a specific branch, where master is the ‘beta’ branch and pushed is the production branch). Then, there should be one pointer server that directs you to the right server, based on your location. This is great because it reflects the vision haha. And it may…

Based on and my own findings (23 October 2017).

Step 1. Initial build for getting credentials:


- create android project in google play console


- Add reverse DNS value (com.progenworks.appslug) to ios.bundleIdentifier and android.package

- iOS: App Icon 1024 x 1024 non-transparent → put in assets/icon.png

- Don’t forget name, description, slug, splash

- Add notification settings:

“notification”: {“icon”: “./assets/notifications_icon.png”,“color”: “#000000”,“androidMode”: “collapse”,“androidCollapsedTitle”: “#{unread_notifications} nieuwe meldingen”},

exp start → exp build:android → wait 2–5 minutes → exp build:status

exp start → exp build:ios → wait 2–5 minutes → exp build:status

Make sure to…

First of all, here is how you can set up a GraphQL Server locally. It starts with my basic server setup; I use GraphQL, Express, Sequelize, SQLite, and Git for this.

- git init whole project, create git repo, set remote, commit, push

- code .gitignore server/dist node_modules , client …. 1 git for all

- folder server

- yarn init, yarn add -D nodemon, babel-cli, babel-preset-env, eslint, prettier-eslint

- zorg dat prettier plugin en eslint plugin in VSCode werken en controlleer dit

- add typescript

- ./node_modules/.bin/eslint — init with airbnb preset

- create scripts in package.json

- dev…

I’ve written over 70 blogs in the past 16 months. I’ve actually lost count. I’ve just started analyzing visitors. Google analytics tells me I get 177 unique users, monthly, on Most users come from google through search, and are looking for React Native related stuff. Pretty cool!

On Medium I got 740 views in the last month. Wow! And all of this is without sharing a lot! Most is from search and organic.

So yeah… It’s about time to get an audience. Letting people that like my posts know, in a way, that I have published something new! Because…

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